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   urdrobe is inspired by creative director Rachelle Fawcett’s love of combining luxurious fabrics with Swarvoski crystals. Furdrobe produces some of the world’s most decadent, luxurious and glamourous clothing for your VIP (Very Important Pet).


Whilst dressing Diego her daughter's pomchi in her own creations he gained admirers wherever he went. She felt that there needed to be a place where stylish dog lovers can indulge their pets in stunning and sparkling, yet tasteful attire. Whether your dog needs a silk ball gown for a red carpet event or a glitzy evening jacket or accessory, Furdrobe aims to bring you the most beautiful creations and bespoke service for any special occasion for your best friend.


The Furdrobe Red Carpet to Royalty Range is handmade by Rachelle and her small team in Hove, UK. Every piece in the collection is unique, using only the finest quality fabrics and official Swarovski element crystals.


Furdrobe aims to bring you a completely bespoke service. You choose the fabrics and crystals from the vast range that they have to offer. Some outfits are so special that they can take up to 6 months to complete from initial consultation to the finished product.


Fill in the contact form and give as much information about what creation you would like with fabric preferences and colours and when it’s required by and the Furdrobe team will schedule a personal consultation to arrange the manufacture of your pet’s dream outfit.

Customers are welcome to bring their dog and have an in house consultation in Rachelle’s design studio in Hove Sussex. Her team will then do the first measurements, discuss design ideas and choose fabrics and crystals. International clients can do all this by a skype consultation booked at a time to suit you.


If you want a gift for your pet at Christmas 2018, be sure to order as early in the year as possible so that you can be put you on the waiting list. Starting prices:

Ball gowns - £20,000  Dresses - £1500 Jackets - £1000 Accessories - £200


Luxury launches website announces the launch of the world’s most luxurious colouring book – The Bespoke Colouring Book. The illustrations will convey the most meaningful personalties, locations and occasions in your life.

Recently, colouring books for adults have featured at the top of bestsellers lists, even eclipsing the cookery book sector, and have been created by the likes of Vogue and Karl Lagerfeld. To date however, there has been no luxury bespoke offering.

The truly magnificent book will contain 10 bespoke illustrations by famed illustrator Ian Beck, hand bound in fine leather by Masters Bookbinding, complete with 24 carat gold leaf lettering on the cover.

The hand rendered illustrations and title page are presented on beautiful handmade paper by Ian Beck whom will meet with the buyer to learn about the most important people, moments and places in the life of the book’s recipient. The style of illustration will also be agreed.


Beck says “I am really delighted to be part of this project, I anticipate the type of subjects people would like to have illustrated include: a portrait of themselves; pets; home; favourite holiday resort; family at their regular restaurant; cottage in the country etc. This is an amazing keepsake and heirloom in the making for the family.”


Ian Beck, whose work is internationally recognised and respected, is best known for the iconic Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album cover. His work for other musicians including James Taylor; for famous magazines such as Cosmopolitan; and for over 80 books has cemented him as one of the world's most accomplished illustrators. He has won awards for a number of his books and he has sold in excess of one million books worldwide.


It is widely reported that the act of colouring-in forces the mind to be still and focus on the present moment. The repetitive and simple task enables the mind to block intrusive negative thoughts whilst creating a sense of calm – a perfect part of one’s mindfulness regime.

Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo, Superbrands and Cool BrandLeaders says: “Colouring books are a wonderful antidote to today’s digital-driven world and represent a trend that is here to stay. We are offering the world’s most luxurious incarnation of this. The perfect way to relax whilst colouring one's fondest memories captured by an exceptional illustrator.”

Once the illustrations have been selected they will be hand bound by Masters Bookbinding using traditional crafts and tools.The title on the leather bound book will be debossed, and the recipients name will be highlighted in 24 carat gold leaf. Masters Bookbinding’s luxury clients include Aston Martin, Necker Island, Burlington Arcade and Coutts and work includes the cover for the Commonwealth Charter recently signed by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II.

The Bespoke Colouring Book can be purchased from

For further information, images and interviews contact Amar Thapen at or or on 020 7871 0487. Click on any image for a high-res version.



Size of book closed: 340mm x 295mm

The binder screws can be gold plated at an extra cost.


The buyer can stipulate colour of thread for stitching.


      elcome to the unique world of MISS USSR UK. For six years, this international project has drawn together not only ladies from the former Soviet Union states, but world renowned public figures, A-list celebrities, high net worth individuals, prominent brand names and various ethnic media sources.




Why is it called “MISS USSR UK”? Because the UK based contestants all originate from 15 former Soviet Union countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.


During the contest’s season, various events are held in number of exclusive venues in central London.


At the Grand Final, the ladies compete for the MISS USSR UK crown and a contract with the world’s leading modelling agency – BMA models. They demonstrate their national costumes, amazing bikini's and sublime evening gowns, as well as answer the challenging questions from the judges.


In the past our judging panel has included names such as restauranteur Arkadi Novikov, super model and TV presenter Victorya Bonya, Olga Buzova, Boney M, Ottawan, Russia’s celebrity designer Masha Tsigal and her English colleague Elizabeth Emmanuel (Princess Diana’s dress maker) alongside entertainers such as DJ Smash, Comedy Club residents like Aleksandr Revva and many more.




MISS USSR UK involves a wide range of opportunities not only for the contestants but also for the attendants. The event is a great environment for networking for individuals and companies; and provides extensive, targeted brand exposure for event’s sponsors and business partners.


The Final show brings together more than 2500 people, as well as reaching an audience of over 50 million through press and media. The Grand Final of MISS USSR UK is always covered by leading TV channels and other media like Fashion TV, Fox TV, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Mirror and many others.




This year is special for MISS USSR UK – it’s the 6th Anniversary and the Grand Finale will be the most beautiful event of the year! We are delighted to invite you to join and enjoy the magical and luxurious atmosphere of our grandiose show that will bring you into a fairytale full of wonders. Let’s see how beauty saves the world!



The most sophisticated atmosphere and unforgettable entertainment is awaiting you with:


- Beautiful Ladies from 15 countries, celebrity performances and live music

- Fantastic dance show and more surprises

- Fashion Show featuring the best international designers

- Worldwide and UK Media & TV Representatives

- Invitation only after party

- Great networking opportunity. There will be representatives of Royal families, lords, high net worth individuals, directors, and CEOs of global corporations.


WHERE: Proud Embankment, 8 Victoria Embankment, London, WC2R 2AB

WHEN: Sunday, 29nd April 2018, 7pm

DRESS CODE: Formal (black tie/ evening dress)



MISS USSR UK has reserved the best tables in the VIP area exclusively for the Billionaire Magazine audience. To book a table, contact us on tel: +44 7574 71 5555, email:



Let’s see how beauty saves the world despite all the challenges on its way!


Billionaire Monopoly®


Take things up a notch with our billionaire version of the much loved family board game, Monopoly. This luxury version offers enhanced pricing, re imagined playing tokens plus more. A hand inlaid leather playing board with silver or gold embossed "streets" makes even today's heady London prices seem good value! With The Old Kent Road kicking off the game at a cool £6M, this is a game not for the faint hearted! By the time you have reached Mayfair; at a staggering £40M, you would have faced penalties that include refueling one's private jet; or mooring fees for your super yacht! But with up to £50M notes in your "money" pack - this shouldn't be too much of a problem!


Of course, the playing pieces reflect the billionaire's lifestyle: The "hotels" have become the famous "Ritz Hotel" on Piccadilly, whilst the houses are now elegant "Georgian Town Houses". Tokens include a private island; a Crown; a Polo pony and player; an Aston Martin; a convertible Rolls Royce; a Champagne bottle; a private jet, a super-yacht, a Riva launch and of course a helicopter!

Available in all our Dauphin calf leather colours below (or in exotics, like Alligator, Ostrich etc by special order); the set is available with hall-marked Sterling-silver or Silver-gilt playing pieces. Initials and logos can be easily added if required - please ask for details when enquiring. These exquisite boards do take time to build, so please allow 8 to 10 weeks.

Size and Prices:

Price in GB Pounds Sterling.

Size: 635x 635 x 110 mm (25" x 25" x 4.33"), Net wt 13 Kg (28.66 lbs).








Please note: Prices will be subject to final confirmation at the time of order, due to possible fluctuations in material costs.

The below colour swatch illustrates the thirteen leather colours available to you for your bespoke Monopoly set; our leather is specially designed for gaming, it is super-fast, wine & tobacco stain resistant - ideal for a night of gaming! If you would like real swatches of our leather & more information, please, do not hesitate to contact our craftsmen. If you have any questions or queries about these board games, please, do not hesitate to contact one of our craftsmen.


Extreme Leaders transforming leaders in a complex world


Leadership, something people aspire to, to be a leader, we admire it. Whether it be as a leader of ourselves or a leader of others. Leadership conjures up in all of us what we would want to be and do when we are called upon to give direction, win hearts and minds, make the tough call and ultimately get over the line.


So what happens when you get the right personalities to agree that they want to bring their

experience, thinking, methodology and insights to those that would be leaders? In this case, it’s “The

Extreme Leaders”.


Meeting of minds


Alan Chambers, MBE, is a former Royal Marine and seasoned adventurer. In 2015 he teamed up with long-time friend Wayne Hoyle, a former United Kingdom Special Forces Officer, to guide the Founders and Directors of YCO, the Monaco based Superyacht Company and Lewis Moody, MBE, Former England Rugby Union Captain to the Top of the World, the Geographic North Pole. The team raised more than 300,000 Euros for the Brain Tumour Charity and Royal Marines Charities.


During the expedition the three leaders Alan, Wayne and Lewis, connected; the tripartite realised that though from different arenas, they all held a shared ethos and approach. They needed one other jigsaw piece to the puzzle and that came from Guy Bloom a long-term friend whose expertise in the development of leaders and leadership teams led to the creation of a “The Extreme Leaders”.


They recognised that with their unique blend of knowledge and practical experience of the

achievement of world class goals, they had the capability to build something that could answer

those questions and fundamentally improve business leadership and operations. They could apply their skills to support organisations to develop their own Extreme Leaders and then support those leaders to transform performance by inspiring teams to reach their highest potential.


“I just knew that we had something special to offer, something that was real, tangible and

something that I wish I’d had exposure to when I started out”, Alan Chambers.


Alan and Wayne continue to facilitate and guide expeditions for all aspiring Leaders, and those

Leaders who want to challenge and better themselves. This not only complements leadership

training, but also enables dreams to come true for those that wish to experience the distant corners of our planet. There is nothing like removing yourself from of your comfort zone and overcoming the most difficult challenges yourself for improving self-esteem. This year alone they will lead a cycling team around Vietnam and Cambodia, Guide another team to the North Pole, Explore the Svalbard Archipelago, Head a team on the Marathon des Sables, canoe, raft, bike and trek across the Island of Costa Rica and they even found time to establish a new route up the North Face of Kilimanjaro.

Extreme Leaders logo The+Extreme+Leaders of the 3