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The Luxury in art is not exactly being extravagant, it is about possessing something valuable and worth the preservation. This month, Billionaire Magazine is collaborating with an incredible collector and philanthropist to present a unique collection and auction a series of collected works leading with "GiGi" the Bear. We are excited to present some of the most collectible and rare pieces which have never been available to the public. There's a big difference between buying art and collecting art. Buying art is more of a random activity based on likes, preferences or attractions at any given moment, while collecting art is more of a purposeful directed longterm commitment. In both cases, you buy what you like, but if your goal is to collect art and do it right, you've arrived at the right place at the right time.


If you're like most people, you know how to buy art on a piece-by-piece basis, but may not be all that accomplished at formulating a plan for making multiple acquisitions over time, or in other words, building a collection. You can find art you like just about anywhere you look and in a seemingly endless array of subject matters, mediums and price ranges, but sifting through it all in a systematic manner can be overwhelming and even intimidating. BILLIONAIRE COLLECTION makes the process of acquiring the right piece a great deal easier. Stay tuned for more incredible pieces throughout December 2017 and January 2018.

       illionaire Collection is an array of some of the rarest and most collectible items on earth. It is with great pleasure that we bring the preview of "GiGi" inspired by William Shakspeare. The artist originally called the piece "Sweet William" but he has been lovingly renamed by its current owner. This beautiful commemorative is now amazingly available POA.


The famous collaborative team who came together to engender this piece employed creative designs using an array of colours, textures and ideas have come from celebrities and artists, including the very well respected artists Temper and Reuben Colley, pop-rock star Bradley Simpson from The Vamps, actor Adil Ray A.K.A Citizen Khan, Birmingham Bears and England cricketer Chris Woakes, adventurer Bear Grylls, and a special Peaky Blinders bear endorsed by the show’s writer Steven Knight.

This striking sculpture tells many stories; that of raising awareness of the children’s hospital, the plight of the sun bear, celebrating a community, the city of Birmingham's industrial heritage, and that of a famous film character and artist.


Billionaire Collection

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"Just imagine owning GiGi?" Billionaire Collector

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