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    eing in the business world often means flying to different locations. The fast pace of today's business world requires the ability to act quickly. A jet charter is the best way to travel for important business meetings, conferences and events. As such, companies using private jets for important business meetings or executive travel are able to save time for traveling executives and increase efficiency.


A private jet charter can help your enterprise become more efficient, conserving valuable time and delivering more earnings to your bottom line. When multiple business team members fly, an executive jet charter can save money over multiple first-class tickets. This way, a business is able to improve the output of their employees while trimming their travel costs. Jet charter services also keep entrepreneurs on schedule. They are never late as the plane leaves when you arrive, never without you. If you are going to be making use of such a service, you want to have absolute peace of mind, and of course, the best service that you can possibly ask for.


JetSmarter is a mobile marketplace for private jet charter that operates globally and is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company uses a smart phone application to connect passengers and air carriers to chartered flights. Over 3,000 aircraft are available for booking through JetSmarter's mobile app


JetSmarter was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov, whose idea made him one of Forbes' 30 under 30 business leaders of 2016. In August 2012, the beta-version was launched and tested among a closed group of private aviation users. After testing proved successful, Petrossov sought and received substantial venture funding to expand JetSmarter's scope.


In March 2013, the JetSmarter app was launched and made available to the general public on both iOS and Android devices.


In June 2015, JetSmarter announced its new European Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. In early 2016, it launched flights between Europe. According to Business Insider and TechCrunch JetSmarter has raised $20 million from the Saudi Royal Family, American rapper Jay-Z, American serial entrepreneur and investor Wayne Chang, and investment bank Goldman Sachs Capital Partners. In total, Jetsmarter raised $56 million since its inception and has offices in Zürich, London, Moscow, Dubai, Riyadh and Fort Lauderdale.


The JetSmarter application connects passengers and private air carriers. Upon selecting the flight, users are able to view a photo of the plane they chose as well as its safety and flight records. Depending on the flight and the number of passengers, chartering a private plane can be comparable in price or less expensive than conventional commercial air travel.


The JetSmarter app allows passengers to search for and set up alerts for empty leg flights leaving their chosen cities. According to their official website JetSmarter provides three categories of services JetCharter, JetDeals and JetShuttle within the apps.


JetSmarter has access to 3,000 private jets and 2,000 free empty legs per month. In January 2016, Chicago Tribune reported JetSmarter has launched an app-based private charter service in Chicago, using Midway International Airport as its access point. Adding to its services, the company offers helicopter rides from heliports in New York City, via BLADE, to the airport in White Plains, NY.


In July 2017 JetSmarter announced SHAREDCHARTER enabling members to book an on-demand charter flight, specify how many seats they need, and then earn credits by allowing JetSmarter to sell empty seats to other members.

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