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    eing in the business world often means flying to different locations. The fast pace of today's business world requires the ability to act quickly. A jet charter is the best way to travel for important business meetings, conferences and events. As such, companies using private jets for important business meetings or executive travel are able to save time for traveling executives and increase efficiency.


A private jet charter can help your enterprise become more efficient, conserving valuable time and delivering more earnings to your bottom line. When multiple business team members fly, an executive jet charter can save money over multiple first-class tickets. This way, a business is able to improve the output of their employees while trimming their travel costs. Jet charter services also keep entrepreneurs on schedule. They are never late as the plane leaves when you arrive, never without you. If you are going to be making use of such a service, you want to have absolute peace of mind, and of course, the best service that you can possibly ask for.


Private jet charters are able to provide the convenience of travel according to your schedule on a luxury aircraft with impeccable service. A flight can also use aircraft that is optimized for business, perhaps an executive aircraft that features a space for meetings and communication devices. EMPYREAN by Air Charter Service is one such company that provides a truly superior service.



EMPYREAN in ancient literature represented the dwelling place of God. Air Charter Service firmly believe that highest level of celestial heaven can mean providing an exceptional level of service, exceeding all competition in every single way possible. It's true that some companies find it all too easy to take excellence for granted. Air Charter Service never do and that’s what sets them apart. Going that extra mile, everytime without fail.


Empyrean by Air Charter Service is the exclusive club that has rediscovered the exceptional quality, glamour, and sheer pleasure of private air travel. This is flying as it was meant to be. In an environment of unimaginable luxury and sophistication, your senses will be ignited and all your expectations realised, as you are tended to by professionals who know the true meaning of luxury and like you, accept nothing less than perfection.


Such superior service isn’t just restricted to the skies; you will also be able to access and enjoy a wealth of privileges and bespoke services on the ground, too.


The Lindbergh Card represents a new era in jet air travel. It offers a level of flexibility and travel freedom that only a select few can enjoy. Cardholders can charter any available aircraft anywhere in the world with simply an email to confirm the booking.


Launched by Empyrean, the jet card division of global aircraft charter company Air Charter Service, this unique product has been developed after years of research and development. It offers a range of benefits unsurpassed by any other product on the private aviation market, including full & fractional ownership and other pre-paid cards.




As a Lindbergh card holder you can fly to and from anywhere in the world. Your personal account manager has at their disposal a global network of offices and access to more than 50,000 aircraft worldwide, offering cardholders unparalleled travel freedom.




Unlike some other jet cards, the Lindbergh Card doesn’t place restrictions on the type of aircraft you can charter. From helicopters and private jets to airliners for larger groups – the choice is entirely yours.




Some jet cards work with high hourly costs and offer little choice. The Lindbergh Card gives you the best possible rates and widest choice of aircraft available, allowing you to fly further for less.




The Lindbergh Card rewards its members simply for using it. The more you fly, the more you gain.




Unlike some jet cards, which restrict their members during popular periods, the Lindbergh Card enables members to fly whenever they need to.




Along with a superior level of service, you can expect the highest standards of safety. Rest assured, we only charter aircraft that meet the most stringent regulations in the industry..

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